Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Lisa Gerrard, one half of the former band Dead Can Dance and now a famous film composer undoubtedly possesses one of the most glorious voices on the planet. THE MIRROR POOL was her first solo work and with it she continued to use her own personal language to weave wondrous musical tapestries of dark and light. This forms nothing short of a masterpiece. In addition to the Victorian Philharmonic Orchestra Lisa uses an eclectic assortment of instruments from various regions of the globe. It is difficult to file her music into a certain genre although 'World' would be the appropriate choice I believe. Many of her countless musical influences come from a Greek-Turkish community in Melbourne, Australia where Lisa spent much of her childhood. These global influences give her music its wonderfully chameleonic quality. As I stated earlier Lisa is now a famous Golden Globe nominated film composer, in addition to recording an equally stunning collaborative recording with Pieter Bourke called "Duality" she has scored the wonderful film "The Insider" with Pieter Bourke also. Just recently she completed scoring with Hans Zimmer for the great film "Gladiator". Lisa departed the groundbreaking band Dead Can Dance a few years prior.


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