Friday, March 17, 2006

Is Mars Your Ruling Planet?


This masterful recording was produced by the great Graeme Revell and Paul Haslinger. Revell composed many of the pieces on this CD, instrumentals and the tracks featuring the mesmerizing operatic Emma Shapplin. "Red Planet" features a great orchestra and chorus combined with ambient and techno sounds. It is a exquisite cornucopia of sound and voice. The foreboding "Dante's Eternal Flame" by Melissa Kaplan and Revell features an ominous male choir and female voice with percussion and string orchestra in addition to ambient sound. Without a doubt the lush and lengthy Graeme Revell and Emma Shapplin tracks give this recording its magnificent energy and uniqueness, it is one of the greatest soundtracks I have heard. The compositions effectively capture the frenetic emotion of the "Red Planet".


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