Monday, July 24, 2006


Is Tara Vanflower 'terrific' or 'terrible'? Find the answers in this semi-deluxe interview-

MF - Hello Tara (the scent of peppermint permeates the air)...Since your name begins with 'T' do you think yourself to be Terrifying or Terrific?

TV - I think myself to be Torn.

MF - What is your greatest memory of LYCIA(

TV - This is hard to explain because several moments stand out as being beautiful, special and infallible to me. I will name a couple. The first being the moment I heard Ionia for the first time and my heart exploded and my world changed. I called a "band meeting" (I was in band called Whores of Babylon at the time) and told the guys "This is what music is about" and then sought Mike out and found him. Another particularly precious memory is traveling around as a part of a team and meeting wonderful people and seeing beautiful places and experiencing interesting things I would have otherwise never experienced. A third experience would be the final show at Irving Plaza in NYC. Nothing will take that moment from me.

MF - Is music the most important thing to you. Or is it money?

TV - Obviously it's the music considering I don't make any money. If I wanted to make money I'd starve myself and get breast implants and stop writing such alienating, undigestable music. I would love to make money for making music though. Lots of it. It would ensure the time I need to devote to further creative endeavors.

MF - Do you think the world is in a state of 'spiritual desolation'?

TV - Yes. People are more interested in pleasing their flesh than nourishing their spirit. This will all come back to haunt already is.

MF - You are a Christian, right? Have you ever studied 'Kabbalah', in the past?

TV - No. Before I became a Christian I was involved nominally in the occult. I have been a non-denominational Christian since.

MF - Does Britney Spears make you cry?

TV - No.

MF - Back to Lycia, ESTRELLA (Spanish for star) was re-issued, why did this happen? And what are listeners missing out on (if anything) that own the first issue?

TV - This album, as well as all the other main Lycia releases, was/will be re-released because the contract with Projekt has ended and Mike wanted to re-master the albums and release them with the artwork he intended them to have in the first place.

MF - What Projekt records artist do you think has the biggest bank account from their music?

TV - I have no clue. Sam Rosenthal? In the grand scheme there's not a single artist on Projekt or any other label of its size that can compete with the Big Market bands. It's just a fact.

MF - What was the last CD you purchased?

TV - She Wants Revenge.

MF - Describe your current solo release titled "My Little Fire-Filled Heart"

TV - Hmm... It's difficult to sum something up that is so close to my heart, and yet also its own beast. The main thing I wanted with that album was sensuality. I wanted textures and layers and I wanted the music to have life and to have the ability to touch the senses. I'm not sure I achieved that because I am not the only judge. There is a strong death theme on the album because I was dealing with a lot of darker emotions at the time and dealing with the anger and desolation that death brings. The primary theme is love and all love's aspects. Ache. Love aches, as it should.

MF - Now you are also a recently published author, your novel Violent Violet is available on Amazon, correct?

TV - Yes, as well as Barnes & Noble.

MF - Thank you for your time, I have to leave now, bye Ms. Vanflower

TV - (laughs) thanks for taking the time to ask entertaining questions.

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