Thursday, October 26, 2006


Ms. Napolitano of famed band Concrete Blonde lives somewhere in the heat, with the rocks and red sand. Her friends are the lizard, the hawk and the smiling sun, to name 3. I had the chance to communicate with her in three's, that is three questions only and that's it Mister! I remind myself that God works in three's and gladly begin my cosmic interrogation-

MF: Okay Johnette let’s hurry, the Sun is rising! You were quoted around 1986 on the Houston Video channel TV 5 as saying, (when asked what you would be doing if you were not doing music) you said (paraphrased) 'probably not something very respectable.' What did you mean by that statement?

JN: I have no idea. And that probably is paraphrased, because I can't imagine having said that. However, I would probably be into forensics, be a vet. I had a couple mail order lessons in veterinary science but because I was on tour, fell behind. I've worked for a psychic line and I still like that work and intend to always do that. I can be an old lady out here in the desert, studying gypsiology and doing readings. I've had the best mentors and teachers in the world. I really love that.

MF: Regarding your indie film work as a director. Will we be seeing possibly a feature film from you?

JN: I doubt I have the attention span. I always think I'd like to write a book or do a film. I will probably do neither. My ADD bursts of inspiration are as long as they last and I've finally decided to just stick to what I do. I have a second installment of 'Cocktails in Paradise' ready to edit but am waiting for my computer to be replaced. I may start editing on someone else's computer because it is very cool. It features Al Capone's old Deusenberg and Mike Andolini back as the villain in my song 'Long Black Car' from Sketchbook 2.

MF: Do you have great financial freedom from your success with Concrete Blonde?

JN: If that means have I made a lot of money, I've made some. But I'm far from able to kick back and not worry about what will happen when I'm 60. I've scaled down my life to such simplicity that I could support myself delivering pizzas if I
had to. I probably spend most of my money on dog food and wine. I do own my home, humble that it is, and for that I'm very grateful. I don't have a lot of overhead. I suppose then maybe I do have more freedom than some. But I'm far from set for life.

MF: Your fans were expecting a Johnette Napolitano album many moons ago. Why did you never release a recording under your name? (Well, it was suppose to be only 3!)

JN: I had one ready to release on Island but personnel shake-ups in the company prevented me from doing that. Strange that I should be finally releasing one next year, but I am. I'll enjoy the whole thing more now than I would have in those days, anyway. I'm happier and more grounded and have more supportive people around me. And it's a much better record than the last one would have been.

Thank you! We love you. The Sun has risen, it's going to be a beautiful day.

Of course! xxj

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photo by Michael McGrath