Friday, March 17, 2006


Manifestation of the angel

The This Mortal Coil project is a groundbreaking musical experiment and collaboration which began with this magical and very organic recording called It'll End in Tears. One of the highlights of this disc is a cover of "Song to the Siren" sung gorgeously by Elizabeth Frasier of the now disbanded Cocteau Twins. Dead Can Dance performs twice, once on the epic piece "Dreams Made Flesh", a song which they often perform at their concerts, and another on a track entitled "Barramundi." Alex Chilton's "Holocaust" is sung by Howard Devoto, a startling sad song, one's wrists may spew open at any given moment. There are some fantastically wild and mist-filled instrumental pieces as well. All This Mortal Coil releases are a worthy and timeless addition to one's music library.


Blogger Chameleon72 said...

One of my favorites.

4:25 PM  
Blogger MoonCat! said...

I play this one on my radio show all the time! Looks like we have similar taste in music....

Cheers Mate!


5:14 PM  

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