Saturday, March 18, 2006


Growing Dialogue

Picture if you will, an industrialized Heaven, with a gangbanger's paradise nearby and the most incredible sounds imaginable. This is the music of Autechre's Tri Repetae++. This mechanical masterpiece has its ethereal moments and they are perfect, such as is the case with the heavenly song "Vietrmx21". A long luxurious build-up of glorious sound, it's quite simple, but so profound. My guess is it would be what one would hear if they were trapped within the inside of a flower for the night. The scent, the sound they are intoxicating. This track is worth your money alone. But there is so much more to discover on this double-disc offering from these two boys. The names of the songs themselves sound like alien plants waiting to be discovered, have a listen to Bronchusevenmx24, it conjures up images of a flower drying itself off after a rainstorm, the droplets going at warpspeed. Garbagemx36 with its deep chords could possibly be at times the conversation between two aliens. We'll never know.


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