Saturday, March 18, 2006

One May Levitate, Don't Be Alarmed Just Go With It


Fantastic. Other-worldly. Solid. A dynamite collection of ultra chill music. Deep and Chilled Euphoria is part of, at this point, a trilogy. Time will tell if the chill series is continued, but why would one stop a good thing? This is another concrete effort in the series, and again if you like pink clouds peppered with cotton candy trees and church going extraterrestrials, this is just what you are looking for. This ethereal affair has Red Jerry at the wheel once more. He conjures up something magnificent from Autechre, Miro, Moby, Solar Stone, BBE and so many more. Breathe deep, and keep your lover at bay. Again, if you like blue marshmallow clouds in your music then this recording is your fantasy turned reality. One can only hope they will continue to produce the Chilled Euphoria series.


Blogger carrie hunter said...

I love extraterrestrial church-goers

9:42 AM  

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