Monday, April 17, 2006

Listening to the Extraordinary


Conjure One's second release Extraordinary Ways, is just that. Endless Dream, the opening track is sung by Jane (aka Poe). A dreamy, space-traveling tune, it is very pretty. Face the Music is a smooth pop song, very commercial and very well produced. Pilgrimage is an ethnic instrumental, it is epic. One Word could be a tribute to any well-known environmentalist or anti-war activist. It's ominous opening could be a horror film, however it quickly turns into a very sweetly sung homage to some unknown being. Extraordinary Way sung by Jane again has awesome lyrics and is one of the best tracks. Dying Light is a grand piece escalating into a percussion driven song, it is sung in another language and is peppered with electric space guitar. Into the Escape is another instrumental with some sparse vocals from Chemda. An introspective piece, it closes the album perfectly. It has a wonderful guitar solo just before it climaxes into a gorgeous explosion of guitar essence. This release is a tad more commercial than its predecessor.


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