Sunday, March 19, 2006


Heavenly. Perfect. Haunting. Moving.

Every one of the three THIS MORTAL COIL recordings are stand-out unique compositions. "Filigree & Shadow" has to be the most solid and even. It is definitely timeless & just as powerful as it was in the 80's. It holds so many rich and powerful songs, everyone different and unique. It is the definitive recording that is to be used with candles, incense & lovers. It is a long, long journey filled with sadness, joy, & wild, manic energy. It has white lights veiled in ghostly grey & white clouds with sparks of blue hues & crimsons throughout. The lyrics are incredible, the instrumental pieces are driving & flowing, everything is complete. This is the absolutely perfect recording to play while having a modest dinner party with an abundance of lavender candles.


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